Counselling/Life Coaching Experience

image I started my career as a counsellor in 2001 when I began working in the Alcohol and Drug/Mental Heath unit at St Vincent’s Hospital in Darlinhurst, NSW. Over the course of five years I helped  to establish the Stimulant Treatment Unit  which was funded by the NSW government to address the impact of crystal meth within our service for the patients suffering from ice addiction which required specialised care and treatment.

Over the past 14 years I have specialised in working with clients suffering from addictions with crystal meth and their family and friends.

I also helped in establishing SMART Recovery Australia in 2007 as a not for profit Health Charity which provided an alternative self help option within the community.  SMART Recovery is now a nationwide organization offerring over 150 self help groups per week.

I am very passionate about helping to lift the stigma of addiction within communities, agencies, businesses and government bodies to help provide awareness, additional service options and education. This means I bring a depth of experience to understanding to my clients and sensitive to your needs.

Over the past 18 months I have worked as a Senior Gambling Counsellor at Wesley Mission in the Sydney, CBD. This experience has been very rewarding on many levels for both me and the clients I work with.  Gambling addictions often go unnoticed because there are no outward signs that the person is unwell. The negative impacted of  gambling affects all socionomic groups, and their families in Australia.

Over this time I have come to respect the differing and unique ways that people make sense of their experience and the problems that worry them. People tell stories about themselves, their struggles, challenges, triumphs and experiences, whether it is in the grand scheme of their lives or the little day-to-day moments

If you are experiencing problematic behaviours associated with any kind of addiction or have a loved one who is suffering from addictions it may help to talk with a counsellor.

Through my own personal experiences and training I aim to help you manage better through challenges, life’s crises, losses and upheavals. Our search will usually include a better understanding of your thoughts and beliefs around a substance or any other kind of addiction including food, gambling, internet, porn, shopping, sex and address the consequences of those beliefs so you can begin making better choices for a more positive and fulfilling

I have worked extensively with clients and their loved ones with any form of addiction including alcohol, stimulants, cigarettes, food, shopping, sex and gambling. I am deeply aware of the impact addiction has on the home and in relationships for the family and carer’s. My services offer to help you in times of need with the understanding there is often feelings of shame and guilt with very little support to guide you through difficult times.


Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Art- 1988

Graduate Diploma of Counselling Psychology and Communications-2002- Australian College of Applied Psychology.

Certified Drug and Alcohol Counsellor, Trainer, Educator and Facilitator-2002

Certified Hypnotherapist, Australian Success Academy

Diploma Of Gambling Counselling (CCWT)

Additional Skills Training

Qualified Trainer and Facilitator, SMART Recovery Australia

Advanced Skills in Conflict Management – Centre for Community Welfare Training

Advanced Counselling Skills on Anxiety Disorders

Narrative Therapy Training

Gambling Counselling- Wesley Mission

Couple Communication Instructor Training- Interpersonal Communications Programs

Transactional Analysis Training- Western Pacific Association of Transactional Analysis

Quit Smoking Training Course- Quit Australia

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training -ASIST

Other accredited studies

Addictions, Conflict Resolution, Indigenous Counselling, Narrative & Solution Focused Therapies, Relationship Breakdowns, Loss & Grief, General Addictions, Telephone Counselling, Suicide Prevention, Self Harming, Mediation, Anger Management, Body image issues, Critical Incident Counselling, Depression, Anxiety Disorders