Theft, Gambling, My Arrest, The Big Talk by guest blogger Karen K. 

Travelling Through Life Without A Road Map

“It will kill him”, I said as the realisation came that I had to finally sit my parents down and tell them what was going on.
Almost two years had passed since I had lost my job due to stealing a significant amount of jewellery to support a gambling problem.

Almost two years had passed and I still had not told my family.

My mother was a hard worker. Worked in the early hours of the morning as a cleaner and stayed at home the rest of the time to raise my older brother and me. My mother was great with money; always kept to a budget and would not spend her money on new clothes or trinkets. I always felt that she deserved to treat herself every now and then but she always put us first. My father was the same. Worked 7 days a week to support his…

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