My Pregnancy, My Gambling, My Future?

Travelling Through Life Without A Road Map

My Pregnancy, My Gambling, My Future?
By Guest Blogger Karen Bujeya

For most women, the last day of work before beginning maternity leave is a joyous, albeit somewhat bittersweet, occasion; leaving the people you have worked with, mentored, and shared wins and losses, all to start a bright new chapter. As I sat solemnly in my office with my regional manager and loss prevention manager on that very day, reality hit me; I would not be one of those happy women.

That Friday, the final day of work before my maternity leave, I was going to come face to face with some very confronting demons.

I found out I was pregnant shortly after returning from my grandmother’s funeral in Coffs Harbour, late February, 2013. Although it wasn’t a planned pregnancy, it was sure a welcome one.

No one can really tell you what to expect or what dramatic changes will…

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