Turning Shame About Tourette’s Into Fame About Tourette’s


This blog post  holds a very deep and personal meaning to me which I share with compassion, joy, excitement and a lot of gratitude. As many of you know my partner has Tourettes Syndrome and a partial tremor in his right and left arms. My personal journey in learning and living with someone who suffers from Tourette’s has been one of the most life changing experiences in my life.

With the support and guidance from what I refer to as my “source of love” a new chapter has begun.  Last month a beautiful women who lives in Canberra contacted us after hearing about Stephane through Instagram and other networking sources offering her help. After a 4 hour meeting she opened up more doors and windows and roof tops than I could ever have imagined.

To begin our social awaress campaign the beautiful Kim agreed to:

  • publish, market and manage a series of books starting with a book written about Stephane’s life and his experiences with Tourette’s
  • By April or May Stephane will be invited to present at University level students who are studying psychology and TAFE students doing their counseling, welfare and human resource degrees as our first target market.

  • In addition she has guided me on where to go and who to speak to about social change issues and hidden disabilities.

I am sharing this story with you for many reasons however my main intention behind all of this is to help  spread as much love and light into this world as I can.  I am blessed that I only ever see the person and not their disability.  This was how I came into this world so I don’t take responsibility for it, however I do feel I have a responsibly to do something with that ability because we are all equal but the lack of awareness on this has created so much fear,  pain and ignorance that there is a constant battle going with an intolerance for “different” or “special” or “unique”. Etc.

i will will keep you posted on any and all developments and ask for your support and positive energy as I travel through yet another life lesson that I was never taught in school!

With Love Jim Villamor

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