How To Think For Yourself 

Travelling Through Life Without A Road Map

What does it mean to think for yourself?
The first thing that comes to mind ishowone forms their opinions and thoughts. How much of your authentic vision of the world was formed by personal experience compared to established thought and opinion formed by what the majority has come to agree on.

We all have thoughts/perspective/opinions that have been formed fromimitating or agreeing withothers in order to fit in or feel ‘apart of’ the whole; the point is how we use that perspective to grow.

See, its apparent that even in our imitating to be of like minds, we are innately striving to beone.SoIf free thinking is thinking for yourself, then maybe we could start to see the pattern here.

Look at the world around youfree thinking

It helps to create a connected space within your emotional and physical bodies to be able to distinguish the…

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