4 Powerful Tricks To Stay Inspired

What does it look like to be inspired? It can be anything really – taking a walk, writing, cleaning, having a conversation, drawing – anything!

It’s that motivational push to want to create something, even if that creation is just going outside for a bit, you are still creating that reality.

When we feel unmotivated, is it because we don’t see the reward in doing anything that day? This article is my manifestation of inspiration because all day today I was struggling with getting anything done.

It was much easier to ignore the tasks I had to do and just sort of zone out. The more I lazed around, the guiltier I felt until finally it built up in me so much that I just HAD to start writing.

But even then, I didn’t know where to start – so I’m starting here.

Communicate to the core

What really helps me start to get focused on a certain project is if I talk to my friends before I even start. I’ll explain what I need to do and maybe what’s stopping me from just jumping right into it.

I can use this as a way to expel any blockages I’m feeling towards what I’m trying to create. Sometimes I don’t know where to start so by going over the reasons that are stopping me from starting, I can better understand why those reasons exist in the first place.

The other night I was talking to a friend about why I was stopping the creation for connection. This didn’t have to do with any physical project but an emotional blockage I was creating. We went over my fears and past experiences that were subconsciously controlling how I felt.

The more we talked and got to the core issue, the freer and more inspired I felt. There weren’t any clouding emotional distractions to draw my attention away from creating what I wanted.

It sounds simple to just talk it out – and on many levels it is, but it’s difficult for a lot of us to completely speak from the heart.

It takes you to a space of complete transparency that can be scary to be in. To be as open as possible and speak without the fear of judgment is incredibly inspiring, and a great place to start!

Create a space of comfort

When talking about a physical creation, not just an emotional or mental one, I find it very motivating to make a space of comfort to start creating in. This can look like cleaning your room or decorating it nicely so you feel compelled to be in there.

I am sitting in the one and only chair I trashed picked 4 years which was refurbished & recovered it (using my newly bought and much loved curtains, that just didn’t work as my sat on them instead! I’m feeling the goodness of this chair now , placed next to the bay window with the fresh air and outside sounds accompanying me along the way before I could begin to write this.

This acts as a beautiful contradiction – where it both distracts and focuses me completely.

This noise and air is making it more comforting to be alone as it fills the room and it helps focus me if I start to zone out.

Instead of going off into thought, I just listen to the sounds for a moment before continuing to write. Doing little things like this that compel you to create are incredibly significant if they help you get the job done!

Come back to your work

Leaving your progress, even for just a few seconds then reengaging with it, helps bring a new vibe onto it. If I’m editing art and I’ve looked at it for too long, I have no way of judging if I like it anymore. I need to look away or just surf the internet for a minute before resuming.keep-calm-and-take-a-break

When I look back at it, I always have a different view on it and know what changes to make. Even in my old academic study guides, it would say to take a 15 minute break every hour when preparing for an exam.

This helps your brain to reorient the information you’ve laid out and have a new perspective on it.

In moments like this, going for a walk is the perfect thing to do. It stimulates your brain and pushes that motivational feeling within you.

Reward yourself

The number one reward for me is usually the feeling of finishing the project. It motivates me to keep putting all the little pieces together so I can see it whole.

The feeling of seeing a finished piece of art is amazing – and it’s something I hadn’t felt in years. That feeling also motivates me – I haven’t edited anything in way too long so knowing that propels me forward to doing it.

Other rewards can be simple things like taking a break on the internet, getting a snack, playing music, going outside for a bit – anything that makes you happy!

It’s important not to push yourself too hard because once a feeling of obligation settles in, that vibration carries through your work.

Rewards-recognition. If it’s starting an article or something because I HAVE to, I know I need to shift that vibration before I start.

Almost every time I create something with that vibe, it doesn’t resonate with people as much.

Reward yourself with a clean vibe – create because you want to not because you have to. And if you do actually have to do it – like a school essay or something, tweak it to something you’d enjoy doing.

Throughout university I’d have to write academic essay’s on things I didn’t care about at all, but I’d always throw in insights of spirituality that I’d carefully word to fit the ‘professional’ world.

Throughout my life I’d always hear people say they’re waiting to be inspired to create something but that inspiration exists within all of us at all times.

There is no perfect moment to start creation, there is just the willingness to start. See the picture whole – see the finished product and feel the feeling that it would bring to you when it’s done. That’s inspiration.

Feeling Inspired, Jim Villamor



  1. Noirfifre · November 19, 2014

    Now that is an inspiring read: people, comfort zone, rewards, breaks and finding joy equals completing a project on time. :).

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  2. Jim Villamor · November 17, 2014

    I agree! My mission in this life is to change what is being taught in our schools which takes us futher away from ourselves instead of bringing us closer so we can develop and learn the emotional, physical and spiritual skills required to reach our dreams instead of trying to take them away! Thank you for sharing Jim


  3. Emma · November 17, 2014

    Very inspiring. We need to become internally in tune with our psyche to appreciate the external stimulations freely. To become self-aware also creates self actualisation. This allows our dreams to be seen in realistic terms. inspiration is simply our own creation and our belief within it 🙂

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