What Would Love Say? Relationship Conflicts


Ask yourself “what would love say”?

Love Says…..

1) You are both doing your very best in life.

2) Although we are 100% responsible for our feelings, most of us were never taught or demonstrated this to help us. So this only a concept and not a practice.

3) So you don’t ever really dread anyone or anything: what we dread is our inability to and/or manage our own feelings and behaviours which is 100% our responsibility and not anyone else’s.

4) Signs that the core of love within your relationship has been replaced with fear are; measuring a persons love by placing conditions on what they have or haven’t done with expectations, threats, demands and ultimatums for the other person to change leaving you feeling unhappy, frustrated, angry, depressed and hopeless.

5) Love doesn’t have any conditions however fear can mask love by placing conditions on others and using fear to determine and provide evidence of both love and fear.

6) Love says… chose yourself first and do what you need to do to address and discover your own fears so you can invite love in instead of uninviting someone in.

7) Love says … Blame is a direct way back to love but sadly blame is more often directed back into fear and the cycle of fear continues over & over.

8) Love is honest and kind and does not make excuses or blame others for not loving yourself.

9) love says.. This is all about you! So you have 100% control over your life.

10) Love yourself and remember that any choices you make are all about you and always have been.

11) Love says…. when someone you love reflects back fear, to love is to listen with compassion, respect and understanding.

12) Defence is always the first act of war and comes from fear. Whenever we defend in the name of love, we are defending out of fear. Love has nothing to defend.


Whenever there is a conflict between you and someone else you always have a choice to choose love or fear.

If you choose love whatever you dislike or judge in the other is a mirror into what you dislike or judge in yourself.

And finally, yes, there is a world war going on but it’s the on-gong war we all have within ourselves and not others.

Choose Love,

Jim Villamor