There is a way of treating Depression Naturally.

Find Help for Depression - Naturally

Find Help for Depression – Naturally

A recent report in Newsweek entitled ‘Antidepressants Don’t Work’ has focused attention on alternative and valid ways of naturally treating depression. It also cast doubts about whether these prescription drugs such as Celexa and Lexapro were really effective in lifting depression and leading to increased feelings of well-being. That is also backed up by research from Yale University which claims that these meds are only effective in about 30% of cases.

You can be sure that these reports will be contested and supplemented very quickly by other studies which will show the exact opposite. Whatever your views on the efficacy and safety of anti depressants, it is no harm at all to look at ways of naturally treating depression.

Here are my top three ways of starting over. A friend of mine always writes about her anger and fear when something really goes wrong or she is simply feeling down. She calls it ‘writing therapy’. She usually tears up the notes and they allow her to express what she is feeling without hurting anybody’s feelings as these letters or emails are never sent.. She also does a lot of work on the two columns idea, where the first she writes down the good things that are there and why she feels good about them. The other side expresses all the things that are wrong with her life. This is my first top way of naturally treating depression.

My second top way is promising myself not to shut myself away or act like a hermit. That is so easy to do. The more social contact we have, the better we can cope with depression and feelings. The first great thing about social contacts is that we can learn to focus on other people instead of our boring selves. That is sometimes a great relief! I have a to-do list every day and one of them is to make sure I telephone a close friend or have them telephone me. Being alone with our depressed and negative thoughts pulls us down into a negative spiral and all negative things seem to grow into monsters. Being with friends can redress the balance.

My third top way of naturally treating depression is to make sure that I have an exercise program in place. All the research studies show that doing any from of exercise really helps to get the good mood hormones called endorphins going. Feeling better means a better mood and the effects can last for at least twelve hours. I know that one study showed that with a group of older depressed patients, the aerobic exercise program was equally effective as the anti depressants. That was just after a four month period. Obviously the advantages of not having to put up with any of the side effects of anti depressants was a boon.

Now that you have discovered my top three ways of finding out about depression natural help, why not click through to my website and discover all the others. I am sure you will find ways of getting over the blues and starting over with greater confidence. I know I did and I have never looked back!

Depression CAN be treated successfully. Why not visit the website:- Robert Locke has written extensively on Mental Health for many years.