Treating Depression Through Empathy

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Depression may be one of the most troubling times of a persons life. It may feel like you are out of touch with the world, that you as a human being are worthless, and that there is no way out of this terrible situation. Well fear not as i hope to provide you wit some practical and effective advice right now that will hopefully lift the shadow of depression, and bring some sunlight into your life. 🙂 Lets begin!

How To Help Depression – 3 Empathic Suggestions To Help Cope With Depression

1) Social Support – I know this may be a tough one for some of you but social support is a key step to your recovery. When i was going through a really tough time i had no friends basically. My family was supportive but that was it. By pure co-incidence i met someone on a forum and we ended up meeting up and became best friends. My whole current social circle has come just from this one person and it really was a life saver. My advice to you if you are having trouble meeting people is to get onto internet forums. You can remain anonymous whilst being able to interact with people and become part of an online community. The next step would then be meet up with your online friends and take it from there. Lack of social support and acceptance is one of the key causes of depression so do whatever you can to increase your social avenues.

2) Push Your Comfort Zone – Pushing your comfort zone is a natural depression killer. When you do something you thought you could not do you will go on a natural high, and you will feel fantastic! These moments are available to you just like everyone else and will drastically increase you confidence. It could be something as simple as making eye contact with 5 people throughout your day and saying hi, the effect something like this has on you will surprise you, and may nix your depression out over time.

3) Do not identify with it – Another serious contributor to depression is that people who become depressed start to identify themselves as being depressed. Learning how to help depression is difficult when a person views themselves as being depressed in the same way they view themselves as being human. It is part of them, not just a phase they are going through. Your first step to dis-identify with depression is very counter-intuitive, but humour me here. You need to tell yourself that you may have depression, but you are not a victim. A victim mindset will keep you stuck in the depression mindset, not because you enjoy it but because it is familiar. Always be reminding yourself that you are not your depression, that it is just a small phase in your life that you will overcome and that you are not a victim. This is powerful stuff.

I hope i have answered your question of how to help depression. Do yourself a favour and reread this article as i know it will help you, even just a bit.

Although I may be happy now and have a very satisfying life this was not always the case. Several years ago i had terribly low self esteem and was almost diagnosed with depression, it was one of the bleakest times of my life and one that almost brings tears to my eyes as i write this. There was however one life saver out there that helped me with overcoming low self esteem [] and may very well have saved my life. If you feel you need some additional quality advice on regaining your self esteem then i would recommend [], as it has personally helped me out of a real rough situation.

I wish you the best of luck in overcoming your depression,

Stay safe,

Jim Villamor


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