A Self Help Guide For Depression


Many teens who suffer from depression, sleep problems or emotional problems are beginning to use marijuana rather than conventional medications. About a third of teenagers said that they were using marijuana rather than medication. Why? They think that the side effects from medications are too much to handle, being ignorant of the fact that marijuana side effects are just as, if not more, frightening than the medicines ! Look at the list of possible side effects from marijuana. Impaired perception, bad co-ordination, increased heart rate, impulsive risk taking lead to use of more drugs and other risky behavior. Add to those, possible brain damage plus paranoia. There must be an easier, safer way to get natural help for depression.

Here is your guide to self help for depression. Let us forget about the boxed warnings on those anti-depressant medications, the side effects and all the hype that the pharmaceutical lobby will shove our way. What we eat has a profound effect on our brains and how they function or malfunction. Add Omega 3 rich foods which contain the EFAs (essential fatty acids) which are contained in salmon, herring, anchovies, flaxseed and olive oil, If that is a problem, just buy a pharmaceutical grade Omega 3 supplement. If you are depressed it could well be that a deficiency in Vitamin B could be a contributory cause. Try eating more citrus fruits, leafy green veggies and lean meat such as chicken.

Another strategy to apply in natural help for depression is to look after yourself and think positive. That could be as simple as writing down all the things you like and admire about yourself. Looking after yourself could also mean getting out and meeting people, just having a coffee a with a friend. People who are actively social and who have a wide network of contacts are much less likely to suffer from depression. Getting more exercise can be great too because this is as natural help for depression as you can get. You do not even have to join a gym. You can do some short bursts of fast walking and or run or walk up the stairs rather than taking the lift.

Natural help for depression can be obtained by taking a herbal remedy in addition to the suggestions I have mentioned above. A herbal remedy for depression can work wonders in lifting the mood and restoring calm and serenity. It can be a great combination with the other natural help for depression that we can easily adopt without it costing us a nickel. There are few if any side effects and these herbal remedies are the preferred way of treatment for depression in Europe. Other depressive disorders and their natural treatment are often forgotten too, such as light therapy in treating SAD. Self help for depression is often neglected as doctors prescribe antidepressant and rarely give sound advice about the best ways to get out of the black hole.

Want to learn how natural help for depression can help you?

By Jim Villamor