Be Here Today!


Practice these 5 steps to shift your consciousness into the present moment TODAY.

Step 1 – Be here now.
Become aware of your thinking. If you find your mind wandering to anxious thoughts about the future or past, bring yourself back into the present moment. Focus on what you’re doing and enjoy it!

Step 2 – Become a good listener.
We’re all guilty of only half-listening to someone during a conversation. Instead of thinking about what you have to do later on or about what you’re going to say next, practice being present and just enjoy the time you’re spending with them.

Step 3 – Do one thing at a time.
Stop multi-tasking! Do one task at a time, slowly and deliberately. Make each action important and filled with intention. This will boost your productivity.

Step 4 – Eat slowly.
In a fast-paced, busy world, it’s extremely easy to cram food in without much thought or intention. Remind yourself before you start a meal to savor each bite and really appreciate the food you’re eating. (You’ll eat less this way too!)

Step 5 – Learn to meditate.
Become silent and still (even for only 5 minutes a day!) and become aware of your thoughts. This will ground you and will actually train your brain to naturally stay in the present, in your daily life.

This simple act of mindfulness will enhance your mood, health, relationships and so much more…

…so give it a try this week! 🙂