A Gratitude Jar!


For some of you you maybalready know that 2013 was a very painful and challenging year for me with wonderful gifts that helped balance out my Ying & Yang and as a Liberian I’m very aware of my inherent need for balance.

So as of 1st January I bought a glass jar with lid on it and it sits directly next to my bed. Each night before I go to bed I write down (on a small post it note)!at least one positive experience in my day. This is a picture of my jar so far. It’s filling up day by day and I honestly believe if I didn’t write them down I would have forgotten most of them by the 31 December.

I also give myself the freedom to pick one or two out if I’m having a really difficult day. It’s a great habit to get into & it’s completely your business – at the end of 2014 your answer to the question ” how was your year you’ll have a resource of love, joy lessons & much more to share instead of only focusing and remembering the “not so good times”!

Pass it on- let’s all have one and remember life can be very very good!

In love Jim

I’d love to hear your thoughts & feelings in this!!!

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