We don’t find happiness; we create it.


Travelling Through Life Without A Road Map


Happiness is trending right now. It seems every four minutes someone publishes a blog post, article, or book about how to find happiness. The problem is that happiness cannot be found. It must be created.

The “find/discover” language used when discussing happiness is a result of the question social scientists often ask: “what are we all searching/looking for in life?” Thus we give birth to the notion that happiness can be found, stumbled upon the way in which one discovers a quaint new café. It’s a sophism that allows marketers to liken happiness to their products. Coca-Cola’s “open happiness” campaign and the commonly used “happiness in a cup” for coffees and teas are just two explicit examples.

As long as we keep thinking and talking about happiness as something that the lucky amongst us have found—and those that haven’t just need to look harder—the epidemic of consumerism, in terms of…

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