How To Get That Dream Job in Just 21 Day!


People often ask me, “how can they get a better job and earn more money?”

It will comfort you to know that most of the highest paid people don’t do
10 times, 20 times or 50 times more than anyone else.

The difference is their ‘passion’ for what they do.

Get that Dream Job in Just 21 Days – by Sophie Mills, looks at what ‘you’
can do to find the top job in a field that you are passionate about.

She draws from her own experience and frustration in studying for a nursing
degree, which she found was really unsuitable to her.

However; while she felt that she was a ‘failure’ for not achieving the results in
this field, through reading some insightful books, she discovered that she was
much better suited to other career choices.

In her book she cites a study performed by the Harvard Business School,
advertised a job vacancy in a newspaper. The exact same job description
was advertised twice, however; one advert offered a salary of $40,000.00
pa, and the other with a salary of $80,000.00 pa.

While many would think that most people are looking to make ‘more’
money, and that the higher paid advertisement would attract more
applicants, the reverse was the case. Many more people applied for
the ‘average’ salary job than the higher paid role.

So in reality most people looking for the ‘dream job’ are looking for the following
order of benefits:

• Recognition
• Positive work environment
• Flexibility in work hours or environment
• More money

While many people look for high value in the first three items, most
people find themselves living unhappy lives, because they a purely
focused on – More money.

Yet many people gamble on Lotto, Poker machines, horse racing and
other ‘quick win’ pay-outs looking for a big bank account. One reason
we’re so focused winning more money, is the need to feel secure.
We believe that if we have a large amount of money in the bank, we’ll
be protected from lack, pain, difficulty and struggle. In a limited sense
this is true. However, security is simply a state of mind!

It’s not the money itself that makes us feel secure; it’s our belief that
adequate financial reserves protect us from bad experiences.

How to Get That Dream Job in Just 21 Days, looks into the ‘mindset’ of
choosing the ‘right’ job or vocation that will not only reward you
financially, but will allow you to receive great personal satisfaction.
While this book can easily be read in under 21 days, based upon the
notion that is takes 21 days to change a habit, we suggest that you
‘break-up’ the tasks in the 3 weeks.

WEEK 1 – Learn. Read and re-read the concepts and ideas presented in this
WEEK 1 – Prepare. Work through the research and analysis processes.
WEEK 3 – Act. Submit your resume, update your profiles and be amazed at
the results

The author, Sophie Mills, used the techniques she has compiled into this
book to transform her life from a poorly performing nursing student into a
high paid freelance journalist.

So by investing a small amount of money and some time and thought into each of the tasks,
you will find that using Sophie’s, that you can ‘design’ a future for yourself that will represent
a new and fulfilling lifestyle.

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