Tips to Improve Your Depression With Natural Help

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Naturally treating depression can be done without prescription drugs and all of the many side effects. Many people are tired of being prescribed drugs just by the mere mention of feeling down or depressed. The problem with these drugs handed out like candy is that a big percentage of the people probably do not need them. Some people can have such a severe form of anxiety or depression that prescription help may be needed. But, if your type of anxiety or depression is transitional because of a loss of a loved one, losing employment or the many woes of life that comes our way, these drugs may not be needed.

Try the following tips for depression natural help that can help restore balance.

No one likes to give up their favorite beverages, but if you drink large amounts of soda, coffee, tea, or alcohol then it may be time to find something else, or at the very least cut back. Caffeine can cause many ill effects on health over time including causing mineral imbalances which can affect mood. Alcohol can help you forget your stress and depression for the moment, but after the effects wear off you are still faced with the same feelings and issues causing the problem in the first place.

Many times there is a chemical imbalance in hormone levels or neurotransmitters that cause depression. Chemical imbalance interferes with serotonin that helps raise endorphins, causing us to feel good. Try eating a healthy diet, getting rid of over processed foods containing high levels of sugar, salt and fats. Exercise also helps release these feel good hormones and the payback to you will last all day long besides helping with many other health related issues like memory and osteoporosis.

Most women know how much their hormones can contribute to feelings of depression, moodiness or insomnia. It is now thought that calcium deficiencies can cause PMS. Everyone has heard how Cortisol, the stress hormone, can cause stomach fat and food cravings but did you know that low levels of Cortisol have been linked with a lack of ability to handle stress, causes excessive fatigue, low libido and unbalanced moods.

So you see naturally treating depression is really a matter of being kind to yourself and your body. Years of evolution and the manner in which our bodies have adapted gives us the need for fresh healthy food and movement. Have you noticed all the diseases have gotten worse because we eat so much food that our bodies cannot recognize, added with the fact that we just do not exercise or even get out in the outdoors? Over processed food does not feed our bodies including our minds.

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