Five Fascinating Facts About Dreams You Should Know

imagePeople over the age of ten usually have six to ten dreams every night. Dreams are fascinating phenomena that occur especially during sleep wherein our brains become active as though we are awake. But although dreams are a common occurrence, people still have a lot of questions regarding them. And this article will talk about some of the facts about dreams that you should know.

Blind People Have Dreams, Too. Contrary to popular belief, blind people can have dreams too. Most people think that blind people won’t be able to have dreams mainly because they cannot see and therefore do not know how things and persons actually look like. But it is interesting to note that people who became blind after birth can still see images in their dreams. On the other hand, people who are born blind cannot see images but their other senses are heightened when they dream. So even if blind people aren’t able to see everything around them, they can also have dreams during sleep.

We Only Dream of What We Know. Another fact about dreams that you should know is that we only dream of what we know. This means that the strangers that we see in our dreams are actually real people that we might have actually seen during our lifetime even though we might not just know or even remember them. Because we meet a lot of people everyday during our lifetime, it is only natural for us to have an endless supply of characters that our brain could use when we dream.

Not Everyone Dreams in Color. It is also great for you to know that not everyone dreams in color. There are some dreams that don’t have any color in them. Just like watching classic movies, there are some people who actually dream in just plain black and white. Furthermore, people tend to have common themes in dreams like flying, falling off a building, being chased and so much more.

External factors invade our dreams. It is also true that external factors invade our dreams. This phenomenon is called dream incorporation wherein a part of reality is included in our dream in some way. For instance, if in our dream we might dream that we are having a pee. In reality, we might be actually peeing on our bed already. When we dream, we tend to include things that are actually happening in real life.

You are Paralyzed When You Sleep. Lastly, you should know that you are paralyzed when you sleep. The body is virtually paralyzed during your dream to be able to stop your body from really acting out the things that’s happening in your dream. This explains why we dream that we are running but when we wake up, we’re still lying in bed.

Knowing and understanding dreams can help us appreciate them more. It is wonderful to know that blind people have dreams too. We should also realize that we only tend to dream of what we know as well as the fact that everyone not dreams in color. There are several factors in really that gets into our dreams and we usually cannot move our bodies during sleep. Knowing these fascinating facts about dreams can help us be not afraid of having dreams anymore and allow us to have more sweet dreams every night.

by Jim  Villamor

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