We All Need Love! Share with others

20131104-144309.jpgSREAD THE WORD….SPREAD THE LOVE

We need love in our life for support and to give love and support to the person we love.

Love completes us. We feel we have someone in our corner who supports us even with our flaws.

Someone who knows us inside and out and accepts us as we are in life.

We know that person will be there when we are down just as we will be there when they’re down.

We want someone to share the obstacles of life with and know that together we can survive anything together.

We need someone to love to share the happiness in life that comes our way.

We need someone to share the pain when our loved ones, our parents, pass away who also feel that our loved ones have become their loves also.

We need somene to sleep with at night, no matter whether they snore or not.

We can always give them a nudge if necessary but it’s nice to know they are there.

We need someone to love so that we can give love to our children together.

To let all of them know that they have two people who will always love them more than anything in the world.

We need someone to grow old with so we can complain to each other about our aches and pains along the way as we slow down.

We need them in order to make the moments that we will later look back at as the most beautiful memories of our lives.

By Jim Villamor