Seeds of Destiny


Hope is the Seed of Faith
Faith is the Seed of Drive
Drive is the Seed of Seek
Seek is the Seed of Knowledge
Knowledge is the Seed of Awareness
Awareness is the Seed of Power
Power is the Seed of Choice
Choice is the Seed of Abundance
Abundance is the Seed of Dream
Dream is the Seed of Happiness
Happiness is the Seed of Pleasure
Pleasure is the Seed of Desire
Desire is the Seed of Destiny

Please sit with this quietly and then feel free to pass it on so we can all become aware of our destiny!

Love Jim

#seeds of destiny

About Jim Villamor

I consider myself a life entrepreneur with a focus on helping people in a variety of ways in life. I love sharing my knowledge, creativity and understanding in a variety of ways. I have a background in Psychology, Counselling and Art. I provide one on one counselling/coaching (which a specialty in addiction) for clients wishing to make some positive behavioural change. I am also an artist who loves to share my creativity in helping people with an emphasis on emotions to help people feel better. I have so many things that I wish to share with people on both a personal and professional level. I created this blog so I can begin sharing some of my life lessons to others with the intention to help others.

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